Are your pictures always blurred or too dark?

Do want to get a flash-free impression of the ambiance and evening atmosphere?

Are you looking for a specialized photographer for 'darker' events in poor light conditions?


With the stars as a guide I've been specializing in photography of events that happen in low-light conditions.


Evening concerts, Stage Photography @night, Evening Shows, Outdoor Evening events, Sport events, Night Landscape photography, Night City scenes, Night parties, Garden events




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All pictures above: concert "Tea with Tigers" 2016 't Paenhuys Hoegaarden.Pretty dark environment no lights except the stage lights. Pictures with Nikon D5100, manual lenses: Nikkor 50mm F/2, SamYang 8mm Fisheye, Nikkor 135mm F2.8, Nikkor 180mm F2.8


Picture size reduced & conversion to JPG


Below: a divers compilation of pictures from Tokyo, Shanghai, Shozou, Singapore, Austria & Belgium ( mostly unprocessed)

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