Picture left: the TS65APO-Q ready for action on the Montagne de Lure (Banon) France. This setup with the Lacerta autoguider would image automatically till dawn. Picture above (credit: Teleskop-Service): TS65APO-Q

Picture below: an original frame of the IC1396 picture. Click on the upper left corner, lower right corner and center to enlarge. No Cropping was done. The larger picture is one of the 40+ original frames, converted to JPG with NXViewer from Nikon and used Auto Tone, Color and Contrast in Photoshop.

This telescope is a 65mm F6.5 telelens. It has s flat field almost over an full-frame image circle. I use it with an APS-C sensor and Full-Frame. The scope is a true apochromatic design because it uses a triplet objective. In the back is a fourth lens (ED glass) that compensates field curvature.

EQUIPMENT REVIEW Teleskop-Service 65mm Quadruplet TS65APO-Q

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Below a full-frame image taken with the TS65APO. All connections were threaded to avoid a tilted focal plane.


It is clear that the corners are not perfect. Some distortion is present in the corners. (Click for a larger version)

I would based on this not support the claim that the TS65APO is fit for full-frame. Vignetting is very limited and no problem either for artificial flats either for flats images.

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