What happens when an airplane flies over Mars - while imaging the planet. ? ?????????? Watch the image below

This was still taken with the Maksutov 180mm

Some impressions with the FishEye 8mm from Castellet (Vaucluse) summer 2014.

After testing the ASI120MM camera last night , I tried again a timalapse for about 4 hours of continuous shooting - 10 second exposures.

On display are the Big Dipper, Arcturus and the planets Mars and Saturnus.



Lots of planes fly by and some clouds.


Music credits:

Deep Space (Armagedon) (BIG BUG) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

With the announcement of the potential meteor shower related to comet LINEAR, I setup the ASI camera for 10 second exposures - without any interval time, for a total of 1500 frames covering more then 4 hours of continuous footage of the night sky above Hoegaarden.


Unfortunately clouds decided otherwise and after 30 seconds movie nothing but clouds are passing by.


Still a good first experiment with time lapse video's.


2014 May 23/24 00hr-4hr MEZT

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